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Vacheron & Constantin 50mm 21J
Rare Lever Set Railroad Watch

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Vacheron & Constantin 16 size 21 jewel open face lever-set pocketwatch.  Intriguing and rare example made for the American railroad watch market as evidenced by the movement being lever-setting rather than pendant-setting, by the 21 jewel count rather than Vacheron's more typical even numbered count of 20, and by the movement markings of "21 Ruby Jewels" and "Superior Adjustment Temperature 5 Positions Isochronism" which are very different than usual Vacheron production but are very typical to American made railroad watches of this era.  Movement is also marked "No. 52" on the barrel bridge suggesting this watch might have been part of a small numbered series of railroad grade Vacherons.  Vacheron's presence in the American railroad watch market is confirmed by an advertisement in the 1908 Jeweler's Circular publication from Edmond E. Robert of 3 Maiden Lane, New York City as the sole agent for Vacheron & Constantin's lever-setting "Special Railroad Movements" (this ad is reproduced on page 81 of the February 1998 NAWCC Bulletin).  Movement is very nicely finished with mirror finish steelwork including the cap settings over the escapement, a gold jewel setting on the center wheel, and an attractive wheel satin nickel plate finish.  Watch is fronted by a sunk-seconds enamel dial with elegant Breguet style hour numerals and is housed in a 25 year gold-filled Crescent Watch Case Co. case that looks to be its original.  Movement serial number is 343293.

Running and a very nice looking movement with good color and luster.  Plates have some typical scattered fine surface marks and crown wheel bridge has a few mild surface spots.  Dial is superb with no flaws. Case is in strong condition with a nice in hand look and feel.  Rear of case is engraved with fancy initials.  Good glass crystal.

$1400 plus shipment.