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Hamilton 16s 21J Grade 992B
US Army Sample

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Hamilton Watch Co. 16 size 21 jewel open face lever-set Grade 992B US Army watch with rare "SAMPLE" marked case.  Superb new old stock condition watch which is marked "ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT, U.S.A., No. OE-SAMPLE" on the rear of its case, this style of 992B was produced during World War II for US Army use but those that were made for use were marked on the case with a numeric serial number instead of the word "SAMPLE".  This watch is from the personal collection of the late John F. Gelson, former president of the Hamilton Watch Company. Movement is marked "U.S. Army" on its main plate and is fronted by a sunk-seconds enamel Montgomery dial. Movement serial number is C29852.

Superb piece in new old stock condition but not running, the balance is gummy and it is likely this movement has not seen a servicing in the roughly 75 years since its manufacture.  Movement surfaces are beautiful with only a handful of negligible fine contact marks either picked up from original assembly or handling in the decades since.  Dial is superb with only a bit of bezel rub at its left side perimeter.  Case is superb with crisp engraving and circular finish to its rear and shows only a few very fine contact marks.  Case band and rear have differing serial numbers but given the provenance of the watch, the fully consistent unused condition throughout, and the proper alignment of engraving when the case is closed I believe this is simply an artifact of this example's production.

$1600 plus shipment.