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Illinois 16s 21J Sangamo
Rare marked “Special”

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Illinois Watch Co. 16 size 21 jewel hunting case lever-set Sangamo marked "Special."  A beautiful and very rare movement with a total production of only 50 made, all found within a single run spanning serials 1953101 to 1953150.  Movement is a Getty model design and features a spectacular all-over gold inlaid nickel damaskeen pattern, and movement is marked "Special" on its train bridge.  Watch is fronted by a double-sunk enamel Gothic numeral Montgomery dial and is housed in a very nicely engine turned and engraved 25 year gold-filled Fahys hunting case.  Movement serial number is 1953123.

Runnign and a beautiful movement with superb 2-tone color and luster.  Dial faces up very well with just a few mild flaws - a faint hairline above the seconds-bit, a faint hairline below the seconds-bit, and a short scratch or hairline at the edge at 23 minutes.  Case is very nice with superb engine turning and engraving detail.  Movement setting lever comes in and out fairly stiffly so I believe watch might benefit from having the lever-set slot of its case deepened a bit.  Front of case needs a bit of help when starting open but liftspring is intact and I believe a bit of cleaning and lubrication of the hinge joint would benefit this.  Good glass crystal.

$2000 plus shipment.