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Rockford 18s “19 Ruby”
Exceedingly Rare Nickel Dmsk

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Rockford Watch Co. 18 size 19 jewel lever-set "19 Ruby" movement with an exceedingly rare damaskeened nickel finish.  An exceptional piece for the early Rockford collector, the "19 Ruby" and "19 Ruby Jewel" marked movements were Rockford's finest quality early grade but virtually all of these were produced with gilt finish and this is the only example that I have ever seen or heard of with a damaskeened nickel finish.  Movement is absolutely beautiful with its ornate nickel damaskeen and gold jewel settings in the main plate.  Watch is fronted by a sunk-seconds enamel dial, and the hunting case model movement is currently within a gold-filled open face case.  Movement serial number is 8256.

Running and an absolutely beautiful movement with superb color and luster.  Watch has been disassembled and has matching 8256 serial number to its main plate, pillar plate, barrel bridge, balance cock, and winding pinion bridge.  The hour and minute wheels are stamped only with the last digit 6.  The balance wheel potence and underside of the balance wheel arms are numbered 179856, a differing initial four digits but interestingly a match to the final two.  Dial has a small patched edge chip outside 5 O'clock as well as some small additional edge nicks or flakes elsewhere that are concealed by the bezel.  Open face case is in average condition with typical even wear.  Glass crystal has some scratches and a small edge chip.

$3800 plus shipment.