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Waltham 16S Split-Seconds Chronograph
14K Case w/Hawaiian Presentation

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Waltham Watch Co. 14 size 19 jewel or greater split-seconds chronograph with minute register.  Watch is housed in a 14K gold Keystone case with the terrific inscription to its cuvette of "To Geo. S. McKenzie from the Employees of the Volcano Stables and Transportation Co., Hilo, Hawaii, April 9, 1903." and with corresponding GSMcK initials to its rear.  The presentation of this particular watch was noted in the April 10th, 1903 issue of the "Hilo Tribune" newspaper with an article that reads ...

An event very complimentary to Geo S. McKenzie occurred at the Court House last evening when Judge Little, on behalf of the employees of the Volcano Stables and Transportation Co., presented him with a fine gold watch. Mr. McKenzie was invited to go up to the Judge's Chambers, where he was astonished to find a big crowd of his friends and former co workers. Judge Little let the cat out of the bag with the following words:

"Mr. McKenzie: The employés of the Volcano Stables and Transportation Co., until recently under your most efficient management, have requested me to inform you of the friendly and pleasant purposes of this meeting here this evening. They request me to offer you in their name a small token of their confidence and esteem, in which every worthy citizen of this Territory who has had the pleasure of meeting you, most heartily joins.

They request your acceptance of this gold watch as a memento of their appreciation of the kindness, "the immediate jewel" of a noble and generous heart, which you have always displayed to all of them. It represents feelings far deeper and sentiments far purer, than the gold in the cases which enclose it. Let it ever remind you of the high esteem in which the givers hold your character, not only as a firm, fearless and generous superior officer, but as a splendid American citizen as well.

Let me assure you that this small remembrance is a spontaneous offering of genuine friendship from your former subordinates. As a friend let me say that we are all extremely sorry for you are preparing to leave us, for good Americans are always welcome in Hilo. But in whatever pursuit you may hereafter engrave, all your friends most heartily wish you success, which we all well know you deserve. And in the conscientious discharge of other new and responsible duties, may your future course be as free from all disagreeable incidents as your intercourse with the employees of the Volcano Stables and Transportation Co. has been since you assumed the responsibilities which now devolve, by your resignation, upon a competent and worthy successor."

The watch is one of the best stop watches made and cost the donors something like $250. 

Watch is fronted by a double-sunk enamel dial with 15-minute register at right side.  Movement is beautifully finished with fishscale pattern nickel damaskeen.  Movement serial number is 3037052.  Gross weight of assembled watch 66.4 dwt (103.3 grams).

Running and all chronograph functions are in good working order.  Very nice looking movement with good color and luster.  Chronograph components have some scattered mild surface marks.  Dial has a patched chip at its right side at the 3 O'clock area and has groups of perimeter hairlines around the 3 O'clock and the 7 O'clock areas.  Case is excellent with a strong in hand look and feel.