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Illinois 18s 21J Paillard
Non-Magnetic Watch Co

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Illinois Watch Co. 18 size 21 jewel hunting case lever-set Paillard Non-Magnetic Watch Co..  An excellent example of this high grade private label, the Illinois Paillard Non-Magnetic is rare in this 21 jewel 18 size version.  Movement is very nicely finished with gold jewel settings, bright spotted pattern nickel damaskeen, Chalmer's patent regulator, and distinctive gold colored signature inlay to the barrel bridge which Paillard reserved for their high grade production.  Watch is fronted by its correct double-sunk enamel dial with fancy Roman hour numerals, and watch is housed in a good looking plain finish gold-filled Wadsworth "Pilot" model case.  Movement serial number is 1256438.

Running but balance motion is somewhat sluggish and watch lost between 2 and 3 minutes over 24 hours and I think likely hasn't seen a servicing in many years.  Very nice looking movement overall with just a few typical mild surface marks and spots, and gold inlay to barrel bridge is excellent with strong gold color though with some bits of black color loss to its lettering.  Regulator is a replacement of different style with its tip falling a bit short of reaching its resting slot in the Chalmer's patent adjustment assembly.  Dial is beautiful with just a very faint outer chapter hairline at the 1 minute position.  Case is in nice overall condition with a strong in hand look showing little wear but case does have a few flaws to note which are a sharp ding to its band at the 10:30 area, some scratches and roughness surrounding the rear opening lip, and rear lid leaves a small sliver of gap to case band around its lower right when closed.  Good glass crystal.

$800 plus shipment.