Waltham 18s 17J Appleton Tracy
Model 1883

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Waltham Watch Co. 18 size 17 jewel open face pendent-set Appleton Tracy & Co..  Nicely finished Model 1883 movement with gold jewel settings, gold balance screws, and an attractive fancy nickel damaskeen.  Watch is fronted by its correct double-sunk enamel dial and is housed in a Crescent Watch Case Co. "Planet" model case.  Movement serial number is 7822167.

Running and a very nice looking movement with excellent color and luster.  Plates have a few fine scratches.  Casescrews are mismatched, one plate screw isn't gilt, and one balance jewel setting screw isn't gilt.  Dial has some hairlines in the outer chapter.  Case is well worn with only the faint remains of a train engraving left on the rear, and case is worn to brass in areas.  Bow is a silver colored replacement.  Glass crystal is cloudy with many scratches and marks.

$150 plus shipment.