Illinois 16s 23J Bunn Special
Model 11

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Illinois Watch Co. 16 size 23 jewel open face lever-set Bunn Special.  High grade Model 11 railroad watch movement with gold jewel settings, gold balance screws, gold train wheels, and a rayed nickel damaskeen.  Watch is fronted by a double-sunk enamel Montgomery numeral dial and is housed in a white gold-filled Bunn Special model case.  Movement serial number is 3604118.

Running but balance motion is a bit sluggish and watch likely hasn't seen a servicing in some time.  Nice looking movement overall but with some whitish toning to the plate surfaces.  Hub on larger winding wheel has mismatched screws and has some marks.  Dial faces up very well with just an edge flake or chip outside the 22 to 23 minute position.  Bunn Special model case dates to about 5 years later than the movement's production and has a nice overall in hand look and feel but has some dings on the frame, has some small bits of wear to brass in thin strips and spots, the bow pivots loosely and has some side to side play at the pendent, and inner back has curved scratching caused by rubbing of the motor barrel screws.  Crystal is plastic.

$435 plus shipment.