Ball Hamilton 16s 17J Grade 972
14K Case

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Hamilton Watch Co. 16 size 17 jewel open face pendant-set Grade 972 signed "Ball & Co., Cleveland" on both dial and movement.  Cased in a heavy 14K gold A.W.C.Co. hinged case that appears likely its original.  Superb example of an early Ball-Hamilton contract watch that would have been sold in Ball's retail establishment.  Dial is sunk-seconds enamel and has a very elegant look with slanted Breguet style numerals and a simple one line signature.  Case is very attractive with a vermicelli pattern to the band and with beeded pattern to the front/rear lid perimeters around their border with the band.  Movement serial number is 56790 which is listed in the Hamilton factory ledger as being a December 7th, 1898 sale to Ball.  Gross weight of complete watch is 69.4 dwt (107.9 g).

Running and an absolutely beautiful movement with superb color and luster.  Dial is very near to perfect with only a small edge scratch outside 32 minutes and a minuscule edge nick below the bezel outside 42 minutes.  Hands are mismatched and hour hand has finish loss.  Case is beautiful and looks to have seen minimal use but does have a small flat spot on the band at the 3 O'clock area.  Good glass crystal.

$1350 plus shipment.