Ball 16s 19J B of LF & E Standard
Color Logo dial

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Ball Watch Co. 16 size 19 jewel open face lever-set Official B of LF & E Standard (Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen & Enginemen).  Beautiful example of this desirable brotherhood marked Ball-Waltham watch with a beautiful colored logo dial.  Dial is sunk-seconds enamel and features the brotherhood letters in vibrant silver, green, and red colors.  Watch is housed in an excellent engine turned gold-filled "Ball Model" case which looks to be likely its original.  Movement has the correct B of LF & E marked gold colored insert on its main plate.  Serial number is B218808.

Ticking sluggishly and I think likely would benefit greatly from a cleaning and oiling.  Beautiful movement with excellent color and luster.  Dial is beautiful with vivid logo colors and with only a single small hairline below the seconds-bit at 30.5 minutes.  Case is excellent with crisp engine turning detail.  Glass crystal has a few small marks.

$1700 plus shipment.